5 Major Health Benefits of Using Olive Cooking Oil

If there is one food-related fact that all agree upon regardless of whether it is a layman or an expert within the industry, it is regarding the immense number of benefits olive oil, particularly 100% virgin oil offers to the human anatomy.

You could be in your teenage years, shifting to your dorm rooms getting ready for a life of cooking for yourself day and night or you could be in your mid 40’s cooking for your entire family, making the transition of cooking with Olive oil is always a better, healthier choice.

Within this post, I shall specifically discuss the 5 Health benefits of using Olive oil as cooking oil on a regular basis within your diet.

Shall we begin then!

Excellent For the Heart

olive oil is good for heart

MUFA or Mono-unsaturated fats are among the healthiest of natural fats found within food compounds, a kind of fat specifically packed within the Olive oil.

Mono-unsaturated fats are mostly well-known for their beneficial properties for reducing not only bad cholesterol present within the body such as LDL but also the over-all levels of cholesterol's within the anatomy; therefore, preventing the creation of blood clots.

A relatively regularized blood flow within the body as a result of decreased LDL levels can significantly drop the chances of suffering from heart-related conditions such as strokes.

Those suffering from heart conditions or coming from a family that has a medical history of heart problems must make the transition of replacing unhealthy cooking oils with Olive oil for enhanced wellbeing.

Filled with Antioxidants


Olive Oil is also prominently known for containing a vast range of antioxidants such as carotenoids, Vitamin E as well as Phenolic elements within to help prevent as well as protect the cells from damaging radicals within the anatomy.

Any radical consisting of an oddly numbered electron composition can attach itself to healthy cells leading to a damaging negative reaction which can not only damage the DNA of anatomy but also in severe cases damage blood vessels.

Reduction of Inflammation

reduction in inflammation

Some studies have been conducted regarding the effects of anti-inflammatory compounds present within Olive oil in aiding with some health conditions, particularly rheumatoid arthritis.

According to blog.arthritis.org, Oleocanthal, a compound found within Olive oil was via research deduced to have a significant role within the reduction of not only acute inflammation taking place within the anatomy but also cases or chronic inflammation.

Does Not Cause Weight Gain

no weight gain

Unlike other oils, which can relatively be fattening for the anatomy, Olive Oil is not fattening for the body even when utilized on a regular basis in different kinds of foods. As mentioned above, the presence of unsaturated fats such as mono-unsaturated fats whom of which are in abundance in Olive Oil does not accelerate fat composition in the anatomy.

In a study carried out in the Mediterranean  upon the effects of an Olive Oil favored diet for the anatomy over a period of three years resulted in some favorable changes within the anatomy of subjects.

Ideal for Blood Pressure Patients

blood pressure patients

Natural fatty compounds within Olive Oil such as EFA, otherwise known as Omega-3 aid considerably with not only lowering LDL levels of cholesterol but also decreasing blood pressure levels within the body; therefore, keeping the heart functioning in a relatively healthier state.

If you seem to be convinced by the beneficial properties of cooking with Olive Oil, I mentioned within the post then it is also best to know that Extra Virgin Olive Oil is what is most recommended to attain optimal benefits fully.

Although Extra Virgin Olive Oil may be a relatively costly choice; however, the advantages it provides to the anatomy are incomparable. To know more, you can always watch video relating to the sheer benefits of Olive Oil such as this:

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