Fresh Chicken VS. Frozen Chicken – Which is Healthier?

Chicken is, of course, a healthy substitute of red meat and vegetables. It comes with lots of proteins and other nutrients thus it is a healthy ingredient to add to the daily meals. The plus point of choosing chicken over red meat and vegetables is that it is less time consuming to cook and it is not just available in the fresh form but in a frozen way as well.

When choosing between the two, whether one should opt the fresh raw meat or the frozen chicken, a lot of queries come to mind. The first and foremost concern is always the health.

Using the Fresh Meat

fresh chicken

Fresh meat is easy to cook and a little healthier as compared to the frozen one. A 3-ounce piece of fresh raw chicken contains 101 calories along with 18 grams of protein and only 2.5 grams of fat in total. Chicken is not just a high source of protein, but of iron too, it contains Vitamin A, B, and K as well as potassium and niacin.

The frozen meat might lose some proteins and vitamins because of how it is flash frozen and the freezing time also plays quite a vital role in this. The quick freezing process that the chicken goes through takes away some of its nutrients, it not just causes faster deterioration in the nutrition but the texture as well. But more or less, fresh chicken and frozen chicken are similar when it comes to the nutritional value.

You Get What You Pay for

When you add chicken to the regular diet, day in and day out, fresh chicken is surely not pocket-friendly. The price of chicken per kilogram varies every day, and this is the reason it is going to cost you a significant amount. To help cut down on the cost, ditch the fresh meat and go for frozen chicken.

you get what you pay for

Frozen chicken is cheaper than the fresh meat. And the amazing thing is that there is not much difference between both concerning taste and quality. Just make sure to check the manufacturing and expiry date before purchasing the frozen chicken.

Home Freezing

frozen chicken

Last but not the least; home freezing is an answer to all your queries. You can try the home freezing method and save your money as well as the nutrition. In addition to purchasing the already frozen meat, you can buy fresh meat and freeze it at home. If you have a freezer that works at zero degrees, you can keep the chicken frozen for more than a year safely.

You can cut the meat into slices and keep it stored in plastic zip bags. Take care of the packaging and remove the air between the meat and the packaging. It will protect the meat from freezer burns. Additionally, it will save you some space in the freezer. Try not to freeze the cooked food as the extended freezing can produce foodborne bacteria, which can be dangerous.

Health comes first! Take out some time and make an effort for your health and wellbeing.

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