5 Health Benefits of Eating Walnuts on a Daily Basis

As a child, if there is one thing I distinctly remember my parents telling me about walnuts is their ability to help out in the enhanced growth of the cognitive brain abilities as well as effective functioning of the brain.

Although walnuts may not help the brain grow in size, yet, figuratively, Walnuts, when consumed on a daily basis, can have a vast number of benefits not only for the effective functioning of among the most important organs of our body; the brain, but also for our general wellbeing.

Being labeled as the ‘King’ in the world of edible nuts, Walnuts offer the human anatomy a plethora of required minerals as well as vitamins to keep the body going. If you do not wish to snack on the Walnuts on their own, you can always choose to add them to your daily salad, a fresh smoothie in the summers, or even in your milkshakes.

eating walnuts

Being so easy to integrate within a variety of food types, Walnuts for me personally are among the most convenient to include in my daily dietary intake. 

Readily available, packed with goodness and quite frankly, fun to crack open, today’s post will solely be dedicated to discussing the topmost 5 health benefits of consuming Walnuts on a regular basis.

Maintaining an Effective Brain Functioning

Walnuts are packed with a wide range of essential nutrients such as Vitamin B6, Iron, Copper, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Folate and many more. Such an immense range of vitamins present within aid with delaying if not ultimately preventing the onset of diseases and illnesses associated with Neurodegeneration such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's. Therefore, maintaining a healthy diet which also incorporates a sufficient intake of Walnuts is of the utmost importance.

effective brain functioning

According to the ‘Journal of Nutrition’  published in 2014, common Walnuts have been proven to contain a range of antioxidants, most prominently, Polyphenols which aid in not only balancing out the levels of oxidants present within but also with the reduction of any inflammation creation.

A significant percentage of Omega 3 fatty acids present within Walnuts also play a vital role in boosting the cognitive ability of the brain as well as the memory; therefore, further enhancing the prevention of memory degeneration related mental illnesses.

Enhancing the Memory

As mentioned above as well, among the many secrets of having an excellent memory is including a sufficient level of Walnuts within the diet due to their high dosage of Omega 3 fatty acids present within.

brain memory improvement

According to the ‘Journal of Alzheimer's’  results from an animal study conducted upon mice concluded that Walnuts, when added as a supplement within their daily diet, led to improvement in their learning skills as well as memory. Surprisingly, results regarding a relative decrease in the anxiety being felt by the mice were also noticed at an eventual rate with the changes in their diet.

Although, the study does not imply that the same level of results will be attained upon the human brain; yet, it does to some extent as previously discussed aid with the prevention of neurodegeneration within the human anatomy.

Lowers the Risk of Diabetes

Diabetes all around the world is on the rise and so if you are on the outlook to prevent yourself from being a patient of diabetes or are an existing patient, then Walnuts is definitely among the many remedies to keep your cholesterol levels in check.

According to some various studies conducted, subjects whom of which consumed a daily dosage of 30g of Walnuts each day on an annual basis could lower their insulin fasting levels than those of whom which did not consume Walnuts on a religiously regular basis.

diabetes no more

Within the tests conducted it was also noticed for subjects whom of which were on a diet integrating Walnuts to have improved neuropathy; a diabetic condition which affects the nerves within the anatomy by damaging them. Aside from preventing the damage of nerves, walnuts when consumed on a daily basis significantly lowered the glucose levels of those who have type 2 diabetes.

Wish to opt for healthier ways of managing your diabetes, then integrating Walnuts within your diet is a must.

Glowing Skin

Wish to attain beautiful, glowing skin without daily trips to the dermatologist? Then the Omega-3 fatty acids integrated within Walnuts is the answer. They help replenish dry, flaky skin by attracting moisture as well as by reducing inflammation.

glowing skin

Alongside which, those prone to acne and scars can benefit highly from the intake of Walnuts since the proteins integrated within can significantly aid in decreasing the recovery period of scars as well as healing wounds.

Maintain A Healthy Functioning of the Heart

The ability of Walnuts to be able to reduce if not completely eradicated bad cholesterol from the human anatomy has been tested to be highly beneficial for the heart by reducing the risk of related cardiovascular conditions.

According to a research conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition based on the effects of Walnuts consumption pointed out that the two core factors that may lead to associated cardiovascular conditions such as the high density of fat within the bloodstream or LDL cholesterol are both reduced as a result of daily Walnut intake.

Whether you are a teenager in search of beautiful, glowing scar-free skin or an elderly individual in search of ways to prevent medical complications such as Diabetes or heart associated conditions, Walnuts, packed with their natural goodness have you fully covered.

Their compact size delivers the ideal convenience. Whether you opt to store them at the workplace or even in a ziplock bag within your car for the times when you wish to snack in long, tiring traffic jams, Walnuts make the perfect nutritional snack on-the-go. Want to know more? Well, you can find  more interesting facts, about the king of nuts in the video below: 

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