5 Health Benefits of Eating Pasta Once a Week

I consider pasta as a blessing for the taste buds of mankind. Although for the diet-conscious, pasta may be a choice of food that can only be enjoyed on cheat days but luckily or rather unlikely for me, I have never been too consistent with my workout or diet plans; therefore, pasta has been among the top most cooked foods within our household.

I dedicate this post to all those pasta-lovers whom of which are in search of justification for finding more reasons to increase their pasta intake on a weekly basis. Therefore, within this post, I will solely discuss the topmost 5 health benefits eating pasta at least once a week.

eating pasta

Shall we get to it then!

Packed with Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are among the many components responsible for energizing the body so that the anatomy can effectively carry out its daily functions without exhaustion. A moderately sized cup of spaghetti, for example, contains an aggregate of 43 grams of carbohydrates. For those, rather on the health conscious side can always opt for whole-wheat pasta which is a relatively more diet-friendly choice.

carbohydrates in pasta

According to livestrong.com,  one single moderately sized serving of whole wheat pasta contains an estimated total of 6.3 grams of fiber which makes up 24% of the overall recommended amount of dietary fiber required for women and a 17% required for men.

Development of Red Blood Cells

Although pasta does not play a direct role in the creation, growth, and development of red blood cells; yet, both white pasta, as well as whole-wheat pasta, contain essential minerals required by the body for red-blood cells development.

pasta increases red blood cells

While whole-wheat pasta is an optimal source of Carotenoids, intake of white pasta is considered to deliver a percentage of Folate or more commonly known as B-9 to the body. Both B-9, as well as Carotenoids, play an important role in increasing cell-growth within the anatomy. Therefore, resulting in effective bodily functioning.

Regulation of Sugar within the Anatomy

Selenium is a type of a mineral present within both whole-wheat as well as white pasta. According to Draxe,  It contains properties which are required to activate antioxidants present within the body for regulating as well as decreasing the molecular cell damage taking place within the anatomy.

pasta regulates sugar in the body

While the percentage of manganese present within both the types of Pasta play an essential role in balancing the sugar levels within the bloodstream.

Enhanced Digestion of Food

As mentioned above, Pasta both the whole-wheat pasta as well as the white-pasta contain a considerable amount of fiber integrated within which is essentially required by the stomach digestive fluids for effective functioning.

food digestion

An effective rate of uninterrupted food digestion can help enhance the overall wellbeing of an individual by the frequent excretion of associated waste components within the body.

Gluten and Cholesterol-free

Pasta can be considered as the holy-grail of staple foods particularly for those on a gluten-free diet or those that have diabetes.

gluten free pasta

Being free of any levels of cholesterol and containing low Sodium levels makes Pasta a safe choice of food to indulge in for diabetic patients without causing an imbalance within the anatomy.

Honestly speaking, being a foodie, for me, pasta is an essential part of my weekly cooking, whether it is cooked with a wide range of stir-fried vegetables, Italian tomato sauce or cheesy alfredo sauce. Pasta, when cooked the right way such as shown below, is a blessing for our taste buds, a blessing I do not deprive myself of and neither should you.

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