5 Health Benefits of Eating Carrots

When I think of carrots, the one image which automatically pops up in my head is that of bugs bunny from looney tunes cartoons always snacking on one. Although for many of us , a carrot may not be the most highly preferred choice for a snack; yet, it’s health-related benefits is regardless still among the unbeatable.

International Carrots day is coming up on the 4th of April, and no I did not just make that day up. According to the CarrotDay.com , the 4th of April annually is dedicated to spreading awareness about how important it can be for one’s health to integrate carrots within the diet on a regular basis.

This post; therefore, is solely dedicated to discussing 5 health benefits of increasing your carrots intake whether in the form of adding them into your daily salads, soups, juices, smoothies or simply having them in their raw form.

benefits of eating carrots

Helps with the Prevention of Cancer

One moderate sized carrot according to the NutritionData.com is said to contain not only Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin K but also consists of 2 grams of fiber with absolutely no fat or cholesterol.

According to studies conducted by The American Institute for Cancer Research beta-carotene, an antioxidant found within carrots has been proven to have protected cells from inhibiting the sudden or eventual growth of cancer cells via avoiding oxidative stress.

Enhances Immunity

The state of an individual’s immune system either makes his/her anatomy or completely break it up. Weakened immune systems can leave an individual prone to catching a wide range of bacteria which can then lead to infections of different categories. Vitamin A in specific plays a vital role in improving the immune system of the human anatomy.

carrot increases immunity

Enhanced levels of Vitamin A within the body help with increasing the production as well as boosting the activity of White-blood cells within; therefore, better fighting off harmful bacteria and infections.

Decreases Levels of Cholesterol

According to published medical articles, during a study duration of 3 weeks, subjects whom of which included carrots within their diet on a daily basis noticed higher rates of cholesterol absorption; therefore, a decrease in cholesterol levels.

The fibre  in carrots is what is responsible for binding blood cholesterol to bile acids and sending them out the body via waste. Patients suffering from high cholesterol levels can significantly benefit from daily intake of carrots.

Smooth, Glowing Skin

A balanced diet integrating all core fruits as well as vegetables are an important element for keeping the skin looking fresh as well as youthful. Carrots, in particular, contain Carotenoids, that are antioxidants whom of which play an important role in maintaining the elasticity as well as a youthful glow of the skin.

If you are in search of natural ways of attaining beautiful skin, then increasing your carrots intake is definitely among the major steps to take.

Helps in Maintaining a Sharp Vision

Although carrots are not said to cure already existing issues or problems with vision; however, the Vitamin A concentrate within carrots is said to greatly aid in preventing eyesight conditions due to Vitamin A deficiency.

Muscular degeneration, cataracts as well as night blindness are among the many eyesight related issues that carrots can prevent successfully.

There are 101 ways to add on carrots within your daily diet; you can have them raw with hummus as a sideline dip or even in a simple stir-fry. The countless benefits should keep you hooked to the intake of carrots.

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