Amazon Prime Fresh – Everything You Need to Know About AmazonFresh

amazon prime fresh

In search of new, more convenient, more contemporary forms of grocery shopping? Forms of grocery shopping that do not require you to step out of the safe vicinity of your home/office? Or a form of grocery shopping that allows you to extend your procrastination sessions at home? Well, you are in high luck, since AmazonFresh has you fully covered.

Just when you think considering its sheer size and reach could not possibly broaden its horizons, think again! Because it can, and it has via AmazonFresh. A grocery pickup, as well as delivery service, has been introduced by in the form of AmazonFresh for only exclusive prime members at the cost of $14.99/month (on Jan 2019).

Low-Cost Shipping And Same-Day Deliveries

The services themselves allow the convenience to users for free of cost shipping; however, only for those orders that exceed the $50 price tag along with the option of early morning or same day delivery depending upon the items being ordered online.Shop Related Products

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Although in a majority of cases when I seemed to have ordered, same-day delivery did take place yet this particular aspect depends on the timing at which you may be ordering your grocery as well as the availability of delivery trucks.

Vast Range of Grocery Products and Brands

Alongside with the convenience of easy and affordable delivery, AmazonFresh also offers users among the vastest range of products whether in the food category, clothes, pet food and accessories, electronic appliances and much more.

The highly user-friendly system of AmazonFresh allows users to be able to easily skim through an estimated 500,000 products online to choose the ones that best suit their needs and objective.

Attractive Sales as well as Coupons

Coupons are just about every broke or nearly broke individuals best-friend, including me. So with the availability of compounds being offered with each sale season or bulk-buying, why wouldn’t you want to jump on the AmazonFresh grocery shopping bandwagon?

Not only to save your money but also time. Since time is money, I guess we get to carry out a significant amount of savings with the help of AmazonFresh.

Local Market Prices

The prices within Amazon Fresh produce market may seem to be pretty much the same as that found within the local markets around, which leads us to think about why or how could we be possibly saving any extra cash?

Well, the answer is much simpler than it may seem, going to the local market does involve some form of transportation whether you do it via paying for public transport or via utilizing your car/bike which you will eventually have to fill up again.

Highly User-Friendly

Another great form of convenience AmazonFresh can offer its users is that the E-grocery superstore itself does not require a long list of prerequisites to take advantage of. All you are going to need is one of the many electrical devices that you already own, like a smartphone or a tablet or even your laptop for creating your shopping cart while skimming through thousands of products.

Secondly, you are going to need your credit card as a form of payment for the groceries that will be delivered via Amazon Prime Fresh.

Uncompromised Quality

All the times that I have chosen to opt for Amazon Prime Fresh as a form of grocery shopping particularly for fresh produce like fruits and vegetables, I have most certainly not been disappointed. For ordering the fresh produce in specific, I opted for doorstep delivery via the USPS truck and although there may be complaints about the USPS truck knocking down garbage cans, etc. I, fortunately, faced no such issues.

The produce itself came fully packed in insulated bags, each of which was containing a pack of ice to keep the produce fresh and preserving its nutritional value. Upon opening the bags, the food even the most delicate of ones such as Japanese fruit were wholly blemish-free and seemed to have been carefully handpicked.

The only issue that some may face regarding ordering fresh produce would be the product itself being out of stock at times for a week or two. There were several times when Avocados or packed broccoli were unavailable due to which only minimal inconvenience was caused.

Considering the advantages as well as the sheer level of convenience Amazon Prime Fresh has to offer, individuals with a busy or a hectic routine, even full-time students like myself can always turn to it in cases or situations where taking out the car or personally making a trip to the grocers is difficult.

If you are slightly or even fully convinced about giving Amazon Prime Fresh a try, then the next would be to sign-up for it. Amazon Prime Fresh offers memberships to those that wish to use it on a frequent basis. The membership itself allows users to avail free of cost delivery to the doorstep, in cases where the aggregate bill amounts to above $50.

How to Sign Up for Amazon Prime Fresh?

  • The very initial step for availing Amazon Prime Fresh includes creating an account and signing up by filling out the required details at: Sign up for Amazon Fresh
  • Before one may decide upon initiating the monthly payments for an Amazon Prime Fresh membership at $14.99 (on Jan 2019), the e-grocery super store itself allows users to avail the advantage of a free one-month membership. Those that are unsure of whether they would want to utilize the online shopping catering system for long-term usage can test it out and better analyze whether it works well for them or not.
  • Once the one-month free trial is complete, those that wish to carry on with their membership can continue on wards with the sign-up process which then includes providing your mode of payment details to allow for monthly charges reductions to take place effectively.

The Bottom Line

Entirely keeping in mind, the advantages mentioned above and conveniences the most major of which pertains to saving a considerable amount of time, I am an absolute fan of Amazon Prime Fresh. Although some competitors have widened the horizons of E-grocery shopping and delivery services, under the same or similar terms and conditions of Amazon Prime Fresh; yet I still prefer giving my loyalty to Amazon Prime Fresh itself.’s already existing products along with a wide range of fresh produce delivered with care and that too at reasonable if not entirely free of cost delivery charges are definitely the reason behind my unquestionable loyalty to it during my relatively busy days. Whether you live an ever so fast pacing life or have several days in a month or a year where you cannot take out the time to go out yourself, Amazon Prime Fresh should be considered.


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