Noor Najam Khawaja – The Girl Behind Pateeri

My name is Noor Najam Khawaja, a 22-year old student, currently residing within the  Federal capital of Pakistan; Islamabad. Having been lived in three major cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, it’s somewhat safe to say that I have had a moderate amount of exposure of Pakistan’s culinary food delights and ever growing tastes.

Had there been a culinary related bachelor's degree being offered within Pakistan, It is definitely what i would have opted for instead of my current bachelors in Social Sciences.

noor najam

Ever since an early age I have always been in pursuit to devour the yummiest of foods this world has to offer so that there’s never an instance in my life where i look back and think to myself with sheer regret ‘I could have and definitely should have eaten that’. In the most simplest of words, I would consider myself to be a living definition of a Foodie!

From Karelay (bitter gourd) to chatpati sindhi biryani to tom-yam soup to the most juiciest of tenderloin veal steaks, I have tried it all, not only in restaurants but also within the vicinity of my own kitchen, testing each recipe until it reaches the point of absolute perfection.

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